Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wedding cake toppers buying tips

An elegant and stylish wedding cake topper is not just a meredecoration, although it and the wedding cakes should fit into thewedding theme well. It will always stand there remind you and yourlover of the sweet and happy days when you two were getting married.

Here I would give a few tips on buying the wedding cake toppers.

The very first thing, the wedding cakes and the wedding cake toppersshould fit your overall wedding decor theme. Now wedding cake toppersare made of a lot of materials such as acrylic, glass and crystal etc,which means you have many choices, so it's very important to choosethe right toppers.

The choice of wedding cake and toppers show your personal taste also.Always keep in mind that the toppers is a personal one, it's anartistic choice. So before making any decision, think about what yourstyle is and select the toppers accordingly.

The wedding cake and toppers should fit together. If your wedding cakeand toppers are not made in the same place, you have to consider thisissue as not every cake and toppers fit well. It would be a good ideato involve your pastry shelf when buy the toppers, he might give yousome great advices.